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Water Tube Boiler - Construction Operation

A bundle of steel the front end of the drum is connected to the uptake) by a short and the rear end is connected to the down take ( box) by a long In between the a number of small-diameter steel are fitted at an angle of 5° to 15° with the horizontal to promote the water circulation

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US1085241A - Sectional header for water-tube boilers

This invention relates to for steam of the class generally and is more especially adapted for embodiment in the types employin sinuous headers

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Water tube boiler - Pritchard Edward

A for generation of in a comprising: a first upright having an interior axial pathway adapted for communication with a heated water supply; a second upright spaced a distance from said first and defining a gap therebetween said second upright having an interior axial passageway; a first plurality of tubes having interior passages

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WATER-TUBE BOILERS - constructionmanualstpubcom

The is usually built with the drum in front It is supported by lugs fastened to the box This has either cross or longitudinal baffling arranged to divide the into three passes enters the bottom of the drum flows through connecting to the box through the to the rear box and back

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