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Applications calling for positive pressure include glass furnaces and ovens Accommodating higher process inlet temperatures industrial applications use to push ambient air through burners to preheat air for boiler system efficiency These industrial applications often also use inlet or outlet dampers to control and maintain the system pressure The Upside of Pushing ambient air involves less wear-and-tear on the fan than dirty and

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Centrifugal 30 Inch Emissions High Pressure Exhaust Induced Centrifugal $5000-$259900 / Piece 10 Pieces (Min Order)

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Forced Draft Blowers / Centrifugal Blowers - Hi-Therm Boilers

Available in various sizes and capacities INDUCED / AXIAL Applications : Industrial Furnaces Foundry Cupolas Gas & Oil Burners Generators Water Treatment plants Sewage treatment

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Induced Draft Blowers / Axial Fans - Hi-Therm Boilers

are high volumetric but low pressure generally used to handle hot gases or Below 80 deg cent the may be direct driven type but above this they are either belt driven or driven through flexible couplings can be supplied in M S and S S construction

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Induced are used in a system to draw from the combustion chamber and through the rest of the assembly (Air Pre-heater Dust Collectors ESPs etc) to the stack Flow depends upon the amount of gases need to be drawn and head required to draw flue gases from the system depends upon the sum of pressure drops of all equipment installed in the path of the fan

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:- A is used to into the to provide more air for combustion This is called FD fan the location near mills and discharges directly to wind box of for uniform air distribution 1 Suction from atmosphere and discharge to the wind box of the 2

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