Boiler With Patent Hopper Technology

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AU2006203642A1 - patentsgooglecom

sealed box conveyor belt storage Prior art date 2006-01-24 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed) Granted Application number AU2006203642A Other versions AU2006203642B2 (en

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Log & Pellet Boiler - SOLARFOCUS

Automatic / ember retention The boiler ignites the log wood fully automatically via a hot-air fan at the times you set You can select the "Ember retention" function: Embers then remain in the combustion chamber on the grate for a certain time This facilitates firing up after a complete burn-out

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SHOP - SuperHeater Overheat Protection | ITM

This enables operations personnel to shorten outages identify fouling problems and optimize soot blower operations The Ash Level Thermocouple (HALT) System is a preventative maintenance and safety tool that continually monitors the levels of ash within a As the plugs and the ash levels increase the

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US3094953A - Boiler furnace ash hopper seal - Google Patents

in a furnace including a thermally expansive section and wherein the is adapted to burn solid fuel produce a gaseous flow a water-filled vessel which serves as an ash for

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Proven Patent of Hopper(Gravity) Fed Stove Coal or Pellet

· I search American about Gravity Fed Stove and Fed Stove All such are basically same! Or even an electronics to control temperature all these are mature and are widely used in commercial stoves already But my is new and unique Top Coal Stoker & Hot Air Furnaces/Stoves Using Bituminous

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CN101008492A - Dry slag-draining device of coal boiler

The invention discloses a coal dry-type slag discharger which comprises a seal box sealed and connected with the slag of The seal box contains a high-temperature resistant transmission band; the descending part along the direction of transmission band between the seal box and the slag is arranged with a wind inlet; the seal box is arranged with a wind valve for

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CN105240842A - patentsgooglecom

The invention provides a ball coal semi-gasification furnace of an industrial An air chamber and a longitudinal cylindrical combustion chamber of the ball coal semi-gasification furnace are separated through a furnace hearth a furnace slag pushing disc of a furnace slag pushing mechanism is located above the furnace hearth and a coal inlet formed in the upper portion of the

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US6338306B1 - Ash handling system - Google Patents

US6338306B1 - handling system - Google An apparatus and method is provided for discharging from a plurality of fossil-fuel through actuator opened gate valves by

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