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Establised over two yeasrs ago
 The family hostelry
Since 1920, three succesive generations have run the hotel. The origins of the establishment go back much further, however. The last act of transaction is dated around 1800 

My wife and i, have devoted ourslves to the rehabilitation of our residence for the the past twelve years, and it is still not finished. We are trying to recreate a feel of the early 1900s. Researching this has allowed us to discover how this type of the family hostelry fonctioned, and how it has evolved.

 The changes
In my grandmother's time, the hotel numbered 45 beds. Today, we offer 15 distributed in 15 rooms with en-suite toilets and bathrooms. The hotel restaurant has disappeared over the years, as have the maid's quarter in the attics and the adjacent laundry

The most important change of these past few years has been imposed by the town itself. The rue des Etuves, a major thoroughfare of the town centre, was turned into a pedestrian street in late seventies. It llook 20 years for this new pedestrian precinct of the Ecusson to be fully accepted. Today, it provides a superb area to stroll and explore the historic centre of Montpellier.

 Why the Etuves
The presence of a multitude of inns, but also of a publis bath-houses deriving their water from the aqueduc on the far side of the Ecusson, added to the consant traffic along this street toward Sète and Béziers, all generated a hot, steamy atmosphere. This lead to the name " rue des  Etuves", which means bath-houses or sweating-room.

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